How Bail Bonds Work

When someone is arrested in Louisiana, the person is taken to jail for booking, regardless of the reason for the arrest. After the person is booked, he or she are held in jail until the outcome of a criminal trial. Trials can take months to finish so some individuals are offered the opportunity to post bail to be out of jail during trial.

Bail is the amount of money that is traded for the completion of the individual’s trial. As long as the individual completes his or her trial, the defendant (payee) of the bail will receive a refund of the full bail amount. The amount of one’s bail is based on the crime that the individual has been accused of committing. In Louisiana similar crimes receive similar bail amounts.

Because bail is usually several thousand dollars, many defendants cannot afford to pay bail on their own. In this case the person has the option to either remain in jail until the trial is over or utilize a bail bonding agency for assistance in paying the bail.

Cut Rate Bail Bonds can provide a defendant with the full amount of bail money required. The bail is then held by the court as a bond until the legal obligation of the accused is fulfilled. Once this is done, the bail bonding agency will receive a refund of the total bail amount.

In order to pay for the services of a bail bonding agency, defendants need to give the agency a down payment, which is usually about ten percent of the total cost of the bail. This down payment is not refundable.

As long as the defendant completes his or her criminal trial, the down payment is all that the defendant will have to pay in order to use a bail bonding service. However, if the defendant becomes a fugitive by failing to appear in court to complete the legal obligation, the bail bonding agency may charge the defendant additional fees and could even seize assets belonging to the defendant.

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